Chromadek Signs.

Chromadek signs are perfect for outdoor applications, versatile and cost effective. Standard sizes available

Can be used to create large billboards, factory signage, shopfront signage and more.

Coated and galvanized for long term outdoor durability.

Acrylic Signs.

Acrylic, also know as Perspex or Plexiglas can be used in a variety of signage applications.

Flat acrylic panels panels for interior and exterior signage. Acrylic can be laser cut to just about any shape, making it perfect for the custom creation of stunning signage.

Various colours and thicknesses available.

Can also be used in combination with other materials like Stainless steel, Aluminium and Wood.


Stainless Steel Signs.

Stainless steel come in a polished or brushed finish, Stainless steel can easily be laser cut and is therefore perfect for company logos and complex graphics.

We use stainless steel to create upmarket corporate and architectural signage.

Perfect for exterior and interior applications.


Aluminium Signs.

Aluminium can be used for interior and exterior signage projects, available in a plain or brushed finish.

Aluminium can be water-jetted to create unique and visually stunning signage, logo and graphic elements can be cut out and mounted to walls or acrylic panels.


Windows & Retail.

Sandblast effect or Frosted vinyl is used on interior window surfaces to create privacy in open spaces, custom graphics and patterns can be cut from this to suit interior decor or your corporate look.

Shopfront windows can be branded with a host of coloured vinyl films available to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Interior Retail signage, including Way Finding, large format wall prints, product identifiers, floor graphics and retail promotional banners and posters.


Custom Solutions for Your Business